PLUS: The Oldest Dog Ever, Jessica Simpson’s Mystery Flame, and the Church of Kris
PLUS: More super-duper White House transparency, Big Tours & Big Retirements, and Prince William Moves On
What point is a film, in which the anti-woke protagonist is a villain, trying to make?
PLUS: The Biden-China Connection; Gisele to Spill Divorce Details; and Harry the Horrible

January 2023

PLUS: The Government Is The Problem; Stolen Wedding Dress; and Tristan Thompson’s Big Move
PLUS: Trump on the Stump, “Shakira, Shakira”; and Some Brits Still Like Harry
PLUS: Biden Biffs on Tax Code; The Other Kushner; and Booted from Buckingham
PLUS: Trump’s Back on Facebook (Soon); Gisele’s New Man?; and “Hulk Hogan’s TP Tweet”
PLUS: Another Royal Baby; Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Bash; and Royal Dog Attack
PLUS: Biden Slings Mud; Time’s Up Times Out; and “Keeping Up With the Sussexes?”
PLUS: Life at Google, Tim's Tool; and "Avatar 2" Hits $2 Billion
PLUS: SBF Fights Back; The Stones Join TikTok; and Kim’s Cross to Bear