Happy Hour Starts Early

MORNING MARTINI is a daily newsletter of cultural tidbits, celebrity gossip, and stuff that’s good-to-know to get you through the day. You’ll always have something to talk about at the water cooler with the new intern, your neighbor who still hasn’t returned your baking dish, or your best pals at happy hour.

It’s curated, written, researched, and edited by NIKKI GIETMAN and NIK NELSON. Between raising four kids with her husband, Jake, and keeping tabs on Kim Kardashian’s plan to take over the world, Nikki serves a mean volleyball and enjoys a crisp red. Nik is a writer and entrepreneur who knows way too much 30 Rock trivia and only grills over charcoal.

Morning Martini is published weekdays and emailed at 4:00 am Central.


ND Nelson
Nik is a writer and entrepreneur from Wisconsin. His favorite beers, in order, are free, cheap, and cold. He knows way too many lines from 30 Rock.